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No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does - Christopher Morley

My dogs think that I'm pretty awesome - I wish I could get them to write this "About Me" page on my behalf.  
I expect they would say that I'm gentle, caring and patient.  That I'm lots of fun, give great cuddles and have a seemingly never-ending supply of treats.
Despite growing up with dogs, my life truly changed when I got my first dog of my very own.  I loved everything about him, from his little nose (that he stole from a teddy bear), his feathery ears, his little white feet and his furry trousers to his quirky and slightly stubborn personality.  Deeper than that though, I love the relationship that we share.  The honesty, the lack of pretence, the ability to completely be myself when we're together.  He knows my deepest secrets and my darkest fears and he doesn't judge me for them!
Through my photography and art I strive to capture all of the things you love about your dog.  The things that make them unique, that make them such a special part of your life.
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